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Design Inspiration: A Primary Bedroom Haven

Design Inspiration: A Primary Bedroom Haven

With each interior design project, we set out with a vision to create a bespoke and remarkable space tailored to this client and only this client. 

The work to create a space that is truly customized to the client and their needs requires reflection and introspection, both by our clients and by our studio. This is why we invest significant time during our discovery and onboarding processes to understand each client's needs and ensure that our firm is best positioned to help them achieve their needs through interior design. With time and experience, we’ve evolved our process into one that identifies productive partnerships between us and our clients. That has made all the difference in our ability to deliver homes worth celebrating through our Envisioned Homes signature service.

In our current portfolio of work, no project speaks more to the benefits of our signature process than the design of this transitional primary bedroom suite with a sitting room. Looking for some primary bedroom decor tips or sitting room inspiration? Keep reading.

Understanding our client’s challenges

Our client came to us facing two challenges: 

Challenge #1

The client was in the midst of a life transformation, having moved from one major metropolitan area to another to be closer to family and friends, but still commuting to the previous area for work. While this was a positive change, it didn’t make the transition any less stressful or daunting. As she navigated this change, she was in need of a primary bedroom suite that reflected her personality while also being the “refueling station” for her mental, physical, and emotional well-being during this highly stressful time.

Challenge #2

Our client’s bedroom came with its own sitting room (an entire room, not just a dedicated area). While this was an incredibly cool feature, designing a primary bedroom with a sitting room can present some challenges, especially if you don’t have interior design help. But out of a challenge comes an opportunity, and we got really creative with this one!

Custom interior design solutions + goals

Our extensive conversations and engagement with the client led us to two design goals, which ultimately grounded our work and the finished product.

Goal #1

To create a peaceful and relaxing sleep environment.

While the client had many different uses in mind for their bedroom suite, our firm prioritized interior design for sleep and created an environment that allowed the client to sleep peacefully and restfully. In doing so, we considered optimal lighting solutions, materials, and layout designs that would support sound sleeping habits.

Goal #2

To design a sitting area supportive of the client’s personal interests and other self-care practices.

We wanted to design a sitting room prime for multiple functions—entertainment, health and (a little bit of) work. For entertainment, the client’s sports fandom meant that we needed to place a TV in the space for those leisurely March Madness-watching nights. We also wanted physical health at the forefront of the uses for the sitting room. 

During the Strategize phase of our process, we aligned on our overarching design solution and aesthetics:

  • We aimed for a transitional design style for the space. The transitional style creates a nice blend between modern and traditional, which was the perfect blend for the overall architecture of this home. 
  • We prioritized the use of color and materials to convey a desirable emotional impact of the space and looked for colors that would evoke a sense of calm and grounding, while also being incredibly rich and powerful. We opted for blue as the dominant color with wood materials and gold accents.
  • Finally, we aligned on a creative solution for the space: to design a space similar to a presidential suite you’d find at your finest hotel. To do so, we flipped the two rooms. What was traditionally the bedroom area became the sitting area, and the sitting room became the sleeping quarters. This was an unconventional solution to the “primary bedroom with sitting room” problem, but one that solved our design challenges.

Once we were aligned on the direction, our deeper envisioning work began. This is where the rubber meets the road as we consider scale, balance, floor plan layouts, and the actual products we’ll source for the space. At Sims + Co Design, we use a mix of 2D and 3D renderings to help bring this to life. At this point, we are actually tackling and solving the various challenges to ensure we’re meeting the design goals we developed earlier in the process. Once our work is done here and the client loves the solution, we move forward with implementation!

The big reveal: A peaceful + relaxing primary bedroom design

One of the key features of this design is the peaceful and relaxing sleep environment. Here are the details:

  • We created a stunning and unique feature wall, headboard wall panels, and a textured wallpaper accent wall.
  • While we kept the TV in the sitting room area of this bedroom, the TV is purposefully out of sight from the bed. The “No TV Bedroom” is our preferred design choice. We firmly believe in the purported health benefits but, in transparency, are often challenged to convince our clients to adopt this design choice.
  • The neutral, white bedding and accessories to make the space feel comfortable yet hotel-like.
View More on Our Portfolio
View More on Our Portfolio

We took extra care to design a sitting area that’s supportive of the client’s personal interests and other self-care rituals. Here’s how:

  • A workout corner to accommodate the client’s Peloton Bike and serve as a continual reminder to prioritize health and self-care in their space.
  • A work desk for those 8:59 AM rollovers for a 9 AM meeting (if you know, you know), but without all the comforts of a work-from-home desk so that the client never felt compelled to stay in their room all day (unless they really wanted to).
  • A neutral paint color and paired a blue velvet couch with blue and gold accessories.

For the finishing touches in this primary bedroom suite, we opted for minimal decor. Given the client’s busy lifestyle, we didn’t want to introduce any decor elements that would require extensive maintenance and care. Faux greenery and simple surfaces would do the trick.

Reflection and Feedback

The value of investing in a well-designed and comfortable space for relaxation cannot be understated. While we felt professional accomplishment in delivering a finished bedroom and sitting room, the client’s own words truly validated our design choices and the decisions we made to solve the client’s challenges.

“I literally sleep better having beautiful design surrounding me. Thank you Jasmine for your amazing vision and deliberate execution!”

Delivering a design that enables our client to recharge, day after day, in a space they enjoy living in, optimized for their life now - that’s what matters to us at Sims + Co. Design.

Ready to create a sense of calm in your own primary bedroom? Covering all of North Carolina and beyond, our interior designers are ready to help you optimize your space with the perfect design to meet your unique needs.

To get started, book your free 30-minute discovery call today!

What our

Clients are saying

“I moved into a new house and had no idea how to decorate my bedroom. Jasmine was there to help me with every step of the process. She made sure to understand my preferences with color schemes and aesthetics, and she provided me with multiple options to choose from. Whenever I had questions, she was always communicative and I never felt uncomfortable reaching out to her.

Now I have an amazing space that I love. Thank you, Jasmine!”

Jessica, Charlotte NC

“Jasmine helped take out so much confusion and overwhelm in planning out a move into my new townhome. She is thorough, efficient and a pleasure to work with! It was my first time working with an interior designer, and I'm grateful I found Jasmine. Trust her process and you will not be disappointed!”

Frank, Durham, NC

“Working with Jasmine was amazing. Everything from design to implementation was spot on. My style as we discussed was brought to life.”

Donald, Charlotte NC

“I literally sleep better having beautiful design surrounding me. Thank you Jasmine for your amazing vision and deliberate execution!”

Ray, Washington DC

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