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Design Your Home with your Daily Routine in Mind

Design Your Home with your Daily Routine in Mind

A well-designed home can greatly improve your daily routine, making it more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. Whether you're a busy professional, a student, or a stay-at-home parent, your home should support your unique lifestyle and needs. In this blog post, we'll explore the connection between routines and home design layouts. We’ll also discuss practical ways to design your home to create and establish routines that serve you and feed your soul.

Home Design Planning: The connection between your daily routine and home design

Do a simple Google search of “the benefits of a routine” and you’ll find clear arguments establishing the importance of routines. Of the myriad of reasons for routines, there are three that resonate with me as an interior designer. These are the reasons why I also think having a well-designed home is important to overall health and well-being.

Routines, just like a well-designed home, reduce stress and mental overload. 

Routines are comforting. When you know what your morning wind-up or nightly wind-down entails, you are freeing up your mental capacity to focus on the decisions that truly matter on a day-to-day basis. Similarly, a curated home with a functional floor plan designed to meet your unique needs creates this same calming sense of comfort.

Creating a routine naturally helps you build healthy habits, and so should your home design

In my previous post, I talked about the relationship between wellness and home design. Implementing wellness into your home design in meaningful ways, such as designing your kitchen to support enjoyable cooking experiences, selecting sustainable and eco-friendly building materials, and creating workout and meditative spaces in your home, all provide convenience to building a routine to build healthy habits. If you know that exercise or healthy eating falls to the wayside when you have to consciously plan for it, you’re better off developing a routine incorporating these activities into your daily life so that they become a habit. If done well, your home becomes a healthy home - a tool, just like your mindset or discipline, to build healthy routines.

Routines give you enough time to do the things you love to do. 

Personally, I’ve created a routine around my morning, which has helped me create boundaries around when I start “work”. This routine creates time in the mornings to do something for me, and I usually do things that feed my creativity - reading, being outside with my journal, and the list goes on. But to fully cultivate my creativity, I need to be in a space that allows my creativity to thrive. This is what has led me to design (and redesign) my home office and outdoor spaces. In this way, my home design provides the environment that I need to sustain my routine and extract its true benefits. 

Now that we’ve established a few of the reasons why and how your routine and your home design can be tightly integrated, let’s discuss some of the practical ways we see this connection play out in our interior design projects. 

Best Home Layout: Tips for designing your home design with your routines in mind

Our Envisioned Home signature process is rooted in deeply understanding our clients and designing the best home layout for the way they live their lives. To do so, we embark on an extensive discovery phase, learning more about our clients at all points of the design process to design a home uniquely tailored to them and their needs. Understanding habits and routines are a clear part of our design process toward a highly functional floor plan. We identify the tasks and activities our clients perform each day, and consider how they impact your home environment. Then, we optimize your living space for maximum comfort and functionality. Here are a few common examples we see in our projects.

Best Home Layout: Tips for designing your home design with your routines in mind

Designing Your Kitchen

We have embarked on several kitchen remodels that had both functional and aesthetic changes to, among many other things, make meal preparation more efficient and enjoyable. To make cooking a more enjoyable experience and integrate it into your daily (or weekly) routine, consider reimagining your kitchen floor plan layout, include ample storage to reduce visual clutter, and create a lot of countertop space for easy and quick meal prep.

Optimizing your sleep environment

If you’re like me, your desire (i.e. need) to create and implement a routine is most likely centered around your need to get a better night’s sleep. Bedroom floor plan ideas should be designed for rest and relaxation, with comfortable bedding and a calming color scheme. Want to know more about how we design bedrooms for maximum comfort and functionality? Check out our blog post spotlighting this Primary Bedroom Haven and what we did to make this finance executive’s principal suite fit for purpose.

Creating Functional Floor Plans with Creative Space

This is my favorite thing to do in my design process. I absolutely love helping clients integrate their hobbies into their home design. If you're a lifelong learner and reader, a well-designed study area can help you focus. If you have a craft or hobby, a dedicated space for these activities can help you relax and unwind. From reading rooms for book publishers to craft spaces of jewelry and woodworking artisans, we have created plenty of dedicated spaces to support our client’s creative ventures and integrate them into their daily routines. In doing so, we consider design principles such as ergonomics, lighting, and storage when curating these spaces.

Embrace the journey

I end this blog post with one final, but important, similarity between home design and routines: they are not always perfect, especially at the start. The home design process is complex and complicated, which is why most of my clients seek an interior designer to help them. And of course, we have probably all experienced how challenging it can be to establish habits and routines. If you’re DIY’ing your home design or just starting out on establishing a new routine, embrace the fact that you will falter and stumble as you progress towards perfecting something that uniquely fits you. As always, it’s important to keep your eye on the end goal in mind: To sustain and improve your daily routine and to create a comfortable and functional living space optimized for your life now.

Ready to establish routines in your home to make it more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable? Covering all of North Carolina and beyond, our interior designers at Sims + Co are ready to help you optimize your space with the perfect design to meet your unique needs.

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“I moved into a new house and had no idea how to decorate my bedroom. Jasmine was there to help me with every step of the process. She made sure to understand my preferences with color schemes and aesthetics, and she provided me with multiple options to choose from. Whenever I had questions, she was always communicative and I never felt uncomfortable reaching out to her.

Now I have an amazing space that I love. Thank you, Jasmine!”

Jessica, Charlotte NC

“Jasmine helped take out so much confusion and overwhelm in planning out a move into my new townhome. She is thorough, efficient and a pleasure to work with! It was my first time working with an interior designer, and I'm grateful I found Jasmine. Trust her process and you will not be disappointed!”

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“Working with Jasmine was amazing. Everything from design to implementation was spot on. My style as we discussed was brought to life.”

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“I literally sleep better having beautiful design surrounding me. Thank you Jasmine for your amazing vision and deliberate execution!”

Ray, Washington DC

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