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Luxury Living: A Guide to Our Favorite 2024 Interior Design Trends

Luxury Living: A Guide to Our Favorite 2024 Interior Design Trends

In the interior design industry, trends aren’t just fleeing fads. They are enduring elements that can shape your home’s feel and look for years to come. At Sims + Co Design, we believe in creating spaces with staying power – designs that are just as sustainable and functional as they are stylish. 

In this guide, we’re sharing our absolute favorite 2024 interior design trends. From curvy shapes to nature-inspired features, hidden lighting, and more. We love these in-vogue interior design elements and styles for their seamless blend of aesthetics and longevity. 

So get ready for some luxury living inspiration, because we’re helping you infuse trendsetting designs into your functional spaces. 

1. Chic Grays and Soft Blacks for a Touch of Drama

Let’s call this one “drama with a sophisticated touch.” At Sims + Co, we love the use of dark focal points to make a statement. Combine soft blacks with luxurious grays to master this chic Parisian effect. Our Modern + Luxe pre-styled collection, initially crafted for our client’s dining room, showcases the power of black walls to create a moody ambiance. Incorporating wallpaper adds visual interest, making this trend both timeless and elegant. 

2. “Deserty” Earth Tones

It’s time to embrace the warmth and tranquility of the Deserty Earth Tones trend. The desert vibes look made big waves in 2023, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. This design aesthetic makes use of pink sandstone decor and creamy-brown furnishings. It’s all about bringing nature indoors, emphasizing earthy hues like taupe. Consider herringbone patterns, hemp wood, and artisan pieces like this handmade Jaipur beige area rug for an added touch of luxury. 

3. Hidden & Layered Lighting

Gone are the days of one singular, gaudy light source in a room. Home interiors have been ever-trending towards multifunctional, layered lighting and hidden light fixtures, and we’ll continue to see even more of it in 2024. Hidden and layered lighting add depth and ambiance, creating a warm, feel-good zone for relaxing, working, cooking, or creating. Are unadjustable light fixtures and recessed lighting slowly becoming a thing of the past? We’re starting to think so.  

4. Biophilic Bliss to Bring Nature Indoors

One of our all-time favorite interior design concepts is biophilic design. Connect with nature through the use of large windows and airy natural lighting, soothing colors, lush greenery, and eco-friendly materials. Incorporate pieces made with natural materials like bamboo and reclaimed wood to foster a sense of tranquility. Biophilic spaces can also serve a functional purpose, such as providing convenient outdoor access.

5. Mid-Century Modern Flair

The mid-century modern style remains a timeless favorite and will surely pack a punch again in 2024. Think organic shapes, wavy mirrors, curving furniture. These elements embody simplicity and enduring interior design appeal. Just ask Palm Springs what it thinks. 

Mid-century modern is also a notoriously simple look to achieve. Its base elements are minimalistic and gender-neutral, with features like fresh and functional pieces, retro decor, clean lines, and organic forms. But it can be livened up to suit your personality by mixing old and new pieces, contrasting textures, and adding subtle pops of color like a bright throw pillow or kitchen appliance. 

6. Curves & Textures for Visual Intrigue

Curves and textures are going to be in this year, and we can’t get enough. The use of curvy lines, swirls, patterns, and textures is a great way to create depth and visual intrigue in any room. It also adds a dash of warmth and comfort. You can incorporate fun contrasting materials for delicious texture, like a leather couch and fabric lounge chair. Or create an unusual eye-catching pattern with large funky tiles, wide striped curtains, or wood paneling.

7. Statement Pieces for Bold Personality

All-white rooms are being replaced with bolder personality, and we’re here for it. We believe your space should speak to your life and tastes, and statement pieces do just that. By being courageous with your statement pieces, you get to enjoy self-expression to the fullest, all while making a lasting impression on visitors. 

With funky sculptures and one-of-a-kind centerpieces, you can let your imagination run wild. Pick unconventional shapes, bold colors, and intricate details to create focal points that spark conversation. 

Large colorful tilework can also make a splash. Whether designing a backsplash, floor, or accent wall, these tiles add a playful touch to the room. Experiment with patterns and colors.

Handmade decorations can also go a long way in making a statement with a dose of personality. Handmade decorations crafted with intention are definitely in style, so show off a hand-painted vase, an intricately designed textile, or any other artisanal item that tells a story. 

8. Intentional + Curated Home Office

At Sims + Co Design, we’re convinced an intentionally designed room is far more powerful than a purely aesthetic room. But we also believe you can have both! An expert interior designer knows the value of a beautifully crafted home office space. In a culture that’s rapidly shifting toward remote work and creative side hustles, we are in need of a stunning yet functional sanctuary tailored to our work. 

By utilizing color theory and unexpected design elements, an intentionally designed home office can promote motivation and creativity. And taking into account ergonomics and technology can promote a highly functional workspace built to last. 

9. Sustainable Materials for an Eco-Friendly Life

Sustainable interior design is one of our core values. And we’re so glad it’s making big waves in the design space this year. Now more than ever, it’s important to consider the impact we have on the environment. 

We can prioritize sustainability at home with items made with eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, hemp, cork, recycled glass, reclaimed wood, and stone. As part of our commitment to sustainable design, we encourage the use of materials that contribute to a greener, healthier home and planet.

Other Helpful Resources

Want to see some of these 2024 interior design trends in action? View these beautiful pre-styled collections featured in our portfolio. 

And if you’re kicking off a home design project and need some additional guidance, download our free Living Room Guide or Kitchen Trends Guide to get you started.

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