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We’re excited to learn more about your space and uncover how we can deliver a beautiful and functional home, designed just for you. A healthy and productive designer-client relationship is the most important factor to project success. This guide is our starting point toward building our partnership, giving you a bit more insight in our studio and what we have to offer. We look forward to discussing your project in greater detail!

Jasmine Sims - a Charlotte NC interior designer
Learn how we deliver homes worth celebrating through

The Envisioned Home Signature Service

Structural and Layout Design

  • Floorplan Development
  • Floorplan Layout
  • Architectural Details  
  • Detailed Home Selections (i.e. Cabinets, Tile, Flooring, Hardware, Paint)
  • Electrical and Lighting Plan
  • Doors and Windows
  • Built-Ins Sketching and Design

Furnishings and Styling

  • Colors and Materials Palette Development
  • Furniture Selection (including custom furniture)
  • Lighting Selection
  • Window Coverings
  • Decor and Accessories Selection
  • Styling
  • Textiles and Artwork Selection
What to expect

Our interior design process

Now you know what we do. Learn about how we bring your Envisioned Home to life!

1. Discover

Begin your interior design transformation with a free 30-minute discovery call where you can ask us questions, tell us what you’re looking for, and figure out if we’re the right fit for you!

2. Clarify

If we're a good fit, we'll visit you in your home for a 2-hour design consultation where we gain a deeper understanding of your needs, goals, budget, design preferences, and timelines

3. Propose

Following the design consultation, we'll take what we learned and create a custom proposal outlining the style direction, timeline, budget, and approach for your full home design project

4. Strategize

Next, we’ll translate your pain points, tastes, and goals into a design strategy that includes colors, materials, mood boards & initial floor plans, and a video to explain it all

5. Envision

After your feedback, we create 3D designs, select products and materials, and present the final design at our office. Here we’ll make changes, before getting your final approval

6. Create

This is where you relax and we get busy with order and trade management, which is followed by our final installation & styling to make your envisioned home ready for living!

Our Custom Proposal Approach

You're (almost) sold. Finally, learn about our Envisioned Home investment approach.
We create your custom proposal based on the project's key details that we learn through our Discovery Call and Design Consultation. Our custom proposal includes an estimated, detailed budget breakdown of the total project cost, including design fees, products and trades, and contingency.

While each project does require a customized proposal, we provide our starting investment levels below.

Design Consultation

$450 for a 2-hour, in-home consultation. If we move forward with our signature service, this fee is netted against your total design fee.

Design Fee

Starts at $2,900 per room and adjusts based on: timeline, scope, volume/quality of furnishings, etc.

Furnishings & Trades

To ensure you're getting the best ROI on your Envisioned Home design experience, we typically require a minimum investment of $25,000 in products and trades.


Expect the Unexpected. Life happens and supply chain realities considered, we recommend setting aside a 15% (of Total Project Budget) contingency.

Please keep in mind that, at this time, we typically accept projects with a minimum Total Project Budget of $25,000. Need help with estimating your product budget?

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Frequently asked questions

We answer all your burning interior design questions below! Can’t see the information you’re looking for? Book a discovery call today, and we’ll be happy to help.

What are the benefits of working with an interior designer?

It's a common misconception that interior design is only for the elite. But at Sims + Co Design, we believe interior design is for all. Every home can benefit from a design plan to make life flow through it with grace, poise, and a little fun!

Working with an interior designer can help you save time, money, and mental energy, allowing you to focus your attention on what matters most to you. We can help you access exclusive furnishings, identify the best trades experts for your job, and ensure that your home looks and functions exactly how you want it to.

How much do your interior design services cost?

Our design fee starts at a minimum of $2,900. We are a bespoke interior design studio, so we customize our proposals to you based on what we uncover during our 30-minute discovery call and 2-hour design consultation. Currently, we are only accepting projects with a minimum budget (including products) of $25,000.

We make sure that no matter your budget, you'll get the most value for money by selecting the best finishes, furnishings, and materials for your unique lifestyle. With our support, you'll make more cost-effective choices with guidance on where to splurge and save in your new home.

How would you describe your design style?

We don't really ascribe to one specific style, as the client's need drives our design eye. However, we love interior designs that can stand the test of time, feel soothing, warm, and organic, and help improve health and wellness.

Who will work on my project?

Our design team will manage your home's new interior design including our Principal Designer. Our studio collaborates with many trusted suppliers throughout the country to get you the best value on furnishings, flooring, paint, wall coverings, fixtures, and other materials to complete your interior remodel or new build.

From supporting our clients during their extensive home remodeling and custom-build projects to light-touch decorating projects, we deliver exceptional interior design solutions that showcase the benefits of having a well-designed home explicitly suited for you. We are also happy to partner with your builder and contractors on your home remodeling.

What geographic areas do you service?

We are a boutique interior design studio based in Charlotte, North Carolina, serving Charlotte and nearby communities of Davidson, Lake Norman, Huntersville, Mooresville, Lake Wylie and Waxhaw, plus nearby Fort Mill, South Carolina.

We've historically designed homes in major cities on the east coast, including Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC.

Have a home outside of our area? By traveling and providing digitized design work, we are able to support robust design engagements across the United States.

How long does the interior design process take?

Our discovery call usually lasts around 30 minutes and is followed by a 2-hour In-Home Consultation. We'll then invite you to our office for a 2-3 hour interior design presentation. Once this is approved, the design development or "envision" phase will take around 4-8 weeks.

When it comes to the actual implementation of your interior design, this varies significantly from home to home and depends on various factors. However, we can provide you with an estimated timeline early on in the process to help you plan accordingly.

Do you look after ordering and delivery?

Absolutely! We know that ordering different interior finishes, products, and materials can be painful, and so can overseeing deliveries and shipping, so we completely remove this headache for you! We order everything to our warehouse before delivering it to your property for installation at the end of the project.

Is the price of the interior design products and trade included?

We will generally invoice you separately for all interior finishes, products, materials, and furnishings and have you pay tradespeople directly.

What's your communication approach like?

Proactive, comprehensive, and transparent! We want you to feel fully supported throughout your interior design journey, so we'll make sure to keep you in the loop at every stage and only as much as you want. Together, we'll devise a communication process that works best for you—whether it's weekly check-ins or bi-weekly emails.

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